Massage Therapy

With Georgia Mack


Massage Types Available


Light pressure restorative massage. Customized to fit your specific needs. It is very flowy so it gives the body a feeling of connectedness. It also provides blood and lymph flow to the body.

Deep Tissue

This is a deep pressure massage in which I use an variety  of therapeutic techniques based on your needs. I will use some stretching, spot specific pressure and some flowy deep pressure. Techniques may include pressure with  arms, elbows, and thumbs.

Thai stretching Or Lazy Man Yoga

This consists of yoga like poses being for you for a deep restorative stretch. This massage is done on a mat on the floor with clothes on.  It's wonderful for opening the joints and providing relief to soar tight muscles.


This treatment consists of a massage applied with my bare-feet to provide deep gliding pressure. It is very enjoyable, because you get that deep pressure that you want. While utilizing  a bigger surface area helping to avoid a painful pokey feeling often associated with a hand, forearm, elbow, and thumb deep tissue.