What is Vibration Sound therapy (VST)

VST is when singing bowls of various weights are placed onto the body and struck in approx 30 second intervals.  The rhythmic vibrations stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.  This helps the mind to quiet long enough to allow the body to relax for true healing to occur.  tthe more you are able to relax the more the sound is able to penetrate the body at the cellular level, quite literally "vibrating" the dis-eased frequency out of your energy field.


What is an aura

Our aura or “Biofield” as the word chosen by a team of National Institute of Health scientists in 1994 to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi. This structure is also called the Human Energy Field or Aura. which is a vital component to a healthy mind, body, and spirit


Benefits of VST

Promptes higher energy levels

Improved balance

Fewer headaches

Less sound sensitivity

Relieves muscle tension

Aids in post op healing

Increases circulation

Helps relieve anxiety and depression

Increases general mood and ability to relax

Improves concentration and focus

Increases ability to listen and be present

Enables a clearer thought process

Reduces stress

Helps with sleep issues and disorders

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